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Best Window Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019


Window Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide

Hey everybody, we’re going to see if we can beat the summer heat waves with the best window air conditioner. This is just a quick look at our favorite two window air conditioners. we buy all of the products we test. We’ve been testing portable air conditioners for a few years and this summer we decided to compare window air conditioners as well. Now, compared to portables, window ACs are far more efficient.

 All air conditioner systems have to collect and then try to get rid of heat. In a portable, all of the hot and noisy parts are right there beside you, trying desperately to blow all that heat out the window through a hose. In a window unit, all that stuff is happening outside. So, window installs are great, but they definitely have limitations.

These models are usually only designed to work in one kind of window: a double-hung window, where the inside pane slides down and can keep the AC unit from falling out. Lots of newer homes have windows that slide side to side, and this type of AC just won’t work there without some hacks. To find the best window AC, it’s important to note we only bought new models that were energy- star rated for efficiency, reasonably priced and readily available from the most respected brands. Our top three: the Frigidaire, Friedrich, and LG. After running three weeks of cooling tests, the Frigidaire is our winner overall. You might think all window ACs are the same, but the fact that the Frigidaire cooled our room significantly quicker than the other finalists a huge plus hence it made our top pick. And it was the easiest to lift and install (which is pretty rare for window ACs).

The Frigidaire is priced competitively: it’s not the cheapest window AC we found, but it’s a least expensive new model with an energy star rating. Frigidaire also included some perks like a remote with a built-in temperature sensor. For noise, the Frigidaire was loudest on our sound pressure meter, but we didn’t mind the sound of the fan as much as the one on the LG. Now, if you’re more worried about noise than top performance.

Frigidaire On Amazon

 The Friedrich Chill series is a premium and respected brand designed for extra-quiet cooling (a very unique feature). So, if you’re thinking about installing this in your bedroom, the Friedrich is definitely your best bet. This AC makes the same amount of noise when it’s pumping out cold air that the other models do when they’re just running a fan. Although it’s efficient, there are things we didn’t like about the Friedrich. This is a beast to install, and it’s also pricey.

The Frigidaire goes for about $240, if you want to cut noise in half you’ll have to shell out about around $370. One more thing to note before you go buys an air conditioner: bigger is not always better. We tested 8,000 BTU models because overall that’s the most popular size. But if you’ve got a small room, an AC this size might cool the air too quickly and turn off before it has a chance to condense all the extra humidity. Cold air that’s damp is pretty gross. So, whatever brand you shop for, check the recommended BTU capacity for your room size.

Friedrich – Chill On Amazon

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